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Nozzer Pardiwala

My first book, 
The Most Successful Formula 2 B Unsuccessful, was my genuine juvenile attempt at writing a book. 

My impatience for getting it published made me write less than what ideally I would have. So, in a way, it is incomplete.  
But the purpose met, probably, since it was specifically meant for my students.

A silent, sensitive and resourceful human who though grew up in a humble background has surprised himself as a Teacher, Reiki Master, Blogger, Writer. 
He displays a gentle but thought provoking sense of humour as can be seen on his take on education, politics, and personal relationships on his blog.
His zeal for life stems from his own near brush with life, varied colours of relationships he went through and rose.
Sonnal Pardiwala 

One of the articles in PARSI TIMES:

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