Once upon a time in wonderland named ‘Love-dale’; lived an average looking metro-sexual man named Adam and a voluptuous very good- looking woman called Eve. 
They had never met before, but the moment they met, they fell…FELL in for the most sort after emotion called LOVE. It was almost disaster at the first sight. 
They were attracted to each other as if they were two unlike poles of a magnet, they met and met again, inseparable, entwined they made it, made it to each other's core. 
She blushed and he blushed even more. They were blissfully unaware what was to follow… 
Years later, Adam decided to write a BLOG about LOVE... for which he started an online interactive group.... LINGERING OCEANS VIAEMOTIONS
Here are some excerpts from his blog.....
CHAPISODE 1 Nethan D’souza, Adams cousin, happily married for three years. 
He resembled an extra blown milk puff about to burst and throw up those milk drops trapped inside it.
CHAPISODE 2 Now it was Adams turn to share his love tale...
Mine was not so dreamy or passionate one like Nethan's narration.  It was just a simple, girl meets boy at college, kind of a union.
CHAPISODE 3 There would have been different interpretations of love and different definitions of it depending on each ones experience with it.
But Lingering Oceans Via Emotions was the most unusual one of them all. 
This definition or maybe the full form of love was actually invented by Priya, Jim’s wife.
CHAPISODE 4 Strange are the ways of love... stranger are the people who fall in love.
One more such strange pair was of Umesh and Jhanvi.
Some people eat to live this fellow lived to eat.  Surely even while writing down this part of his blog he must be chewing something.
CHAPISODE 5  Karan, the Greek God, the charmer, the enviably good looking guy; shares his post on Adam's blog. Guys! I am Karan. I met Smita at a dance class. She was this dusky, tall, elegant looking girl in her twenties. I was just twenty-one then. 
CHAPISODE 6 Mr. Chinmay Ayeer was like a character straight from comic books, specially designed to enchant children. He was a skeleton with blood and flesh just enough to cover his bones.
CHAPISODE 7 Please don’t sneeze!
Nethan happened to fall in love with Rajeshwari truly in the sense what could be called love at first sight, at least from his side. He wrote out his mind out in his typical call center type discourse. 
CHAPISODE 8 Lost In Paradise!
If there could be a place called heaven then it must be like the one we visited for our honeymoon. Adam typed on his tab. 
CHAPISODE 9 Some pleasures come at a price! Jim shared, 
Who the hell on earth gave this idea to mankind that honeymoons should be on hill stations? In fact if I would have my way I would ban honeymoons in cold freezing places, like the one we visited. 
CHAPISODE 10 Monkeys Chikis Valleys Food and more.
Matheran is the place to be. The MCP typed, as if he was talking of Switzerland. 
It’s small, pollution free and so close to Mumbai. And food I tell you, there’s this guy who serves lovely mutton biryani there. For the veggies there are some lovely thalioutlets where you get unlimited thalis. 
Karan Agarwal was eager to share his escapade.
Smita is a very religious person so we decided to make a religious trip first and then from there to Dalhousie. 

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